The Byzantine Latino Quarter Pico Boulevard Business Improvement District (BLQ BID) was created in 2003 by the Los Angeles City Council with support from community stakeholders and property owners in an effort to beautify the business corridor and create a safe and business-friendly environment. In 2006, LANI entered into contract with the City to manage the BLQ BID’s beautification, maintenance and marketing efforts. Since then the BLQ BID has been successful in the gradual transformation of the business corridor and surrounding neighborhoods.

Boundaries—The BLQ BID incorporates the following area: Pico Boulevard, from the 110 Freeway to Western Avenue; on Normandie Avenue from Pico to Venice Boulevard; and on the north side of Venice from Normandie to just east of Loyola High School.

Number of property owners—The BLQ BID includes 243 property parcels and 193 property owners.

BID term—The BLQ BID was formed for a period of ten years. It will expire on December 31, 2013, at which point LANI and the BLQ BID board members will seek renewal to continue services.

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The BLQ BID provides property and business owners with a variety of services to help boost the economic vitality of the area. These services not only enhance the physical infrastructure, but also improve the social well-being of the area and encourage community pride.

Street Maintenance—A primary service provided by the BLQ BID is street maintenance. The BLQ BID has contracted Chrysalis Enterprises to perform vital cleaning services. Services include the removal of trash and litter from sidewalks, emptying of trash cans, sweeping of gutters, removal of weeds and refuse from tree wells and planters and removal of illegal posters and signs on poles. The Chrysalis maintenance crew also pressure wash the sidewalks and report incidences of graffiti and illegal dumping to City departments.

Community Banners—In an effort to increase awareness about the BLQ BID, 175 new and vibrant banners were throughout the district. The lively banners depict the BLQ BID logo—two angels flying together. The angels symbolize the power of unity and partnership.

Holiday Decorations—During the holiday season, holiday banners and lights are installed at two major intersections, Pico and Normandie and Pico and Hoover. The colorful banners sitting create a welcoming and festive shopping environment in this mainly commercial corridor.

Newsletters—A quarterly newsletter is distributed to BLQ BID property and business owners. The newsletters cover an array of topics, including information on City and community programs available to businesses, updates on local projects, profiles of property and business owners in the district and information on BLQ BID activities.

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To learn more about the BLQ BID, please contact:
Monica Carlos, LANI BID Manager at (213) 627-1822 Ext. 15 or

Updated Winter 2013