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The City of Los Angeles, at the request of the Eighth Council District, selected LANI to administer the Leimert Park Neighborhood Block Grant (NBG) Program in order to create community consensus for targeted improvements while expediting the permitting and development of these improvements. Community priorities for the NBG funds included facade and signage improvements along the commercial corridors and landscaping improvements in adjacent residential areas. The planning and design for facade, signage and landscaping improvements was completed in March 2003. Construction of the facade improvements was completed in Winter 2005 and resulted in the revitalization of six contiguous buildings along Crenshaw Boulevard.

Leimert Park

Project Elements

  • Comprehensive Community Work Plan
  • Bus shelters with matching benches, trash receptacles and information kiosk
  • Decorative trash receptacles
  • Potted trees & flower pots
  • Steel hanging flower baskets
  • Banners
  • Trees
  • Transit Information Center
  • Decorative pedestrian lights

Facade Improvements

Facade Improvements - Before Facade Improvements - After

Amanze African Suya Before and After: 4108-4110 S. Crenshaw

Facade Improvements - Before Facade Improvements - After

Love's Furniture Before and After: 4082 S. Crenshaw

Facade Improvements - Before Facade Improvements - After

Before and After: 4108-4110 S. Crenshaw

Landscaping Improvements

Landscaping Improvements

Gateway Marker

Above: Landscaping and Gateway Markers

Additional Benefits

LANI funds have attracted additional grants and improvements totaling over $2.1 million to date!

  • $1.9 million in public funds for improvements to the Village
  • $90,000 from Bureau of Street Lighting to upgrade street lighting around the Village
  • $10,000 donation to LPVCDC from local branch of Wells Fargo Bank
  • Interior & exterior building improvements associated with facade improvements

Councilmember Bernard C. Parks
(213) 473-7003

Anna Apostolos
(213) 627-1822 Ext. 14

Updated Winter 2010